Top 5 Acne Myths

1- Only Teenagers Get Acne

Acne CreamThere’s nothing more frustrating for an acne sufferer than being told they’ll grow out of it. Especially when said sufferer is well into their adulthood. While it’s true that almost all teenagers get acne to varying degrees, not everyone grows out of it. Both men and women can be affected by acne into adulthood. One of the causes of adult acne, particularly for women, is hormonal fluctuations.

2- Chocolate Causes Acne

Acne TreatmentYou may have heard this one around the playground: stay away from chocolate bars if you want clear skin. Despite the myths, studies have found no direct connection between acne and chocolate, and dietary factors only affect a minority of acne sufferers. Reality is… there’s no link between chocolate and acne.

3- Popping Pimples Is A Good Idea

best acne treatmentIt can be satisfying to pop a juicy whitehead or release a steadfast blackhead, and it may seem like you’re releasing the pressure and doing the right thing, but… pimple popping can lead to scarring.

4- Acne Mostly Affects People With Oily Skin

acne removalPeople with sensitive or very dry skin suffer from acne too! Acne starts as clogged pores, and is caused by a combination of inflammation in the skin, enlarging of oil glands, bacteria on the skin and hormonal changes, people of all skin types can suffer from acne.

5- Tanning Makes Acne Go Away

best acne removalSunlight does help reduce inflammation and can mask acne, but it also produces more oil, which can lead to a flare-up a few days or weeks later. Plus, exposing yourself to sun without sufficient protection can cause sunspots and life-threating skin cancers. Always use a moisturizer with SPF, even in the winter.

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